Collection of Information

In this module, you will tell the story of your life using music to frame your experiences. You will create a 500-word musical autobiography. Read chapter 3 of Musical Tapestries and familiarize yourself with the chapter objectives:

Appreciate music as a means to relate a narrative.
Experience narrative music from different genres.
Learn a variety of storytelling devices.ACME WRITERS

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Collection of Information
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This will help you to articulate your story framed in music.

This document will be created in four stages:

1. Collection of information (25 points)

2. Outline (25 points)

3. First Draft (50 points)

4. Final version (100 points)

For this assignment you will collect information by providing short answers to the following questions:

What is the first music you remember hearing?

What was the context?

What is you favorite song?

When did you first hear it?ACME WRITERS

Did your parents/family listen to music when you were growing up?

What kinds of music did they listen to?

Have your musical tastes changed as you have gotten older? Describe the changes.

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