Inappropriate Footwear Worn by Older People in Hospital

Please read all files carefully that I have sent.
The three articles must be primary original research paper. Don’t use secondary research, systematic review and literature review.

template (all pages)- dot forms (1000 words)

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Inappropriate Footwear Worn by Older People in Hospital
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short essay (1000 words)

Your essay should:ACME WRITERS

a) Introduce the problem and topic area briefly (no additional references required).

b) Discuss the context of the research (this may include the aim, sample and setting).

c) Summarise and describe the most relevant key findings from the research that support the statement. ( similar ? different?)

d) Relate the findings specifically to the statement and explain why the evidence supports the statement.

e) Conclude with a summary of the supporting evidence to bring together your discussion.

**You are being assessed on being able to find relevant evidence to address a topic. Just remember that you need to include papers that have evidence to support the question in the assignment.ACME WRITERS

**If you cannot find articles that are in exactly the right setting (hospital) but may contribute to the body of knowledge/the question you are trying to answer then it may be suitable to use them. However in your discussion of the article you would highlight that a limitation in using it is that the setting is not the right one.

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