Sponsorship Activities

Topic: Please select at least two different (i.e. college, professional, amateur, basketball, baseball, hockey, football, motorsports, golf, tennis, etc.) sporting events to watch on television. You are being asked to select two different types of events in order to contrast the levels of sponsorship activity and presence. Please watch the events and use the resource provided in Blackboard to keep track of sponsorship activity by companies and television networks. Sponsorship activity includes commercials, in-game features, electronic billboards, identification by announcers, and sponsor identification in camera shots.ACME WRITERS

Once you have completed the exercise, please share the data you gathered in your initial thread. For your required replies, locate articles that may be used to support your opinion.

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Sponsorship Activities
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Based on the current issue or any archived issues of the Sports Business Journal, please research this topic and support your opinion with a citation or citations. As a convenience for your colleagues in the class, please provide the name of the Sports Business Journal article you locate, as well as the year and month of the publication. In your thread, use one additional resource and one Scripture references, above and beyond what is found in the Sports Business Journal, to support your opinion. ACME WRITERSPlease provide appropriate citations according to APA format.

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