Personal Presentation

An introduction is often your best chance to establish yourself as a distinct individual with something unique to offer the world. Most people default to the standard, “Hi my name is … I live in . . . I work at. . .”. For this assignment, you will move beyond such a typical introduction and create a 1-paragraph personal/professional introduction. This week you will be introducing yourself in a paragraph (8-12 sentences) to your classmates. ACME WRITERSThe purpose of this post is to introduce you both professionally (work/education/experience) and personally (hobbies/interests) to the rest of the class using the Discussion Board. Start by establishing the essential information you think should be included when introducing yourself to others. Obviously, your full name is important, but you may also include your age, your field of study, ethnicity, home town, hobbies, some details of past experience, accomplishments and future goals, etc. You will then try to discover if you share anything in common either professionally or personally with others in the class by responding to at least two other posts. In other words, you will message others to let them know what you share in common with them based on their post.ACME WRITERS

Proofread your final draft for spelling, grammar, and mechanics.

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Personal Presentation
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