Radiation Safety the Risks and Health Benefits

The discussion questions are designed to allow you to apply your textbook readings to actual research concepts and articles. Answer all initial posts in essay form. The questions I give you are guidelines for you. These questions should be addressed using examples from the textbook and your own articles. Some of the discussions, articles are provided for you to use as points in your discussion. As noted previously, read instructions and answer questions – do not copy and paste – I can read the textbook – This course is a lesson in application of information while analyzing and synthesizing information. Note: a dictionary is helpful for this class to understand research terminologyACME WRITERS
. Radiation safety and dosimetry are familiar topics for a radiological worker. The attached articles offer a variety of views, data, and commentary on the topic of radiation. Along with the attached articles, various risk-models also demonstrate differences in opinion regarding the safety of radiation exposure. You have been asked to research the topic of radiation based on these articles and write a report of your findings. Prior to beginning your research, you must plan a systematic approach to your research and analysis. For the week 1 discussion, answer the following questions and explain your approach based on your readings from Part 1 of your textbook.

1. What is your working research question (purpose of your report)?

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Radiation Safety the Risks and Health Benefits
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2. What types of bias might interfere with the accuracy of your report?

3. What type of sample can be used to generalize your results (who is your target population?)

4. Describe an appropriate research design (e.g. experimental, causal-comparative etc.)ACME WRITERS

5. What type of ethical considerations are needed for your study (bioethical principles)

Initial posting due Sept 11

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