Communication Concept in Leadership

Write a 1500-word (±10%) popular press magazine article that convinces readers of the importance of communication concepts in the leader-follower relationship, provides readers with a clear presentation of some helpful techniques about how to evaluate their own communication and provides readers with a clear presentation of what can be done to improve his or her communication. Discuss the role of leader communication styles in global environments and cross-cultural communication.

Select a magazine. Your selection should be worthy of your work as a master of leadership student. Read the author’s guidelines if they are available, or review the feature articles of the desired magazine. Follow the guidelines you find for the specific publisher. Be prepared to furnish proof of doing so to the grading professor.ACME WRITERS

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Communication Concept in Leadership
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When you submit the document, the text you write in the assignment manager comment box will serve as a memorandum of transmittal that clearly indicates (a) the selected magazine, (b) the URL of the magazine author guidelines or your understanding of the magazine author guidelines, and (c) a statement of how you understand your article fits those guidelines.

Examples of writers’ guidelines include, but are not limited to:

Below are some helpful tips from students who have done well on this assignment.ACME WRITERS

Tips from Peers for writing popular press.pdf

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