Electoral College of the Disparity

Background: The house has 435 voting member and the number has stayed the same for roughly 45 100 days.

Points to consider: the ratio of a single House member to the population in his/her district – what was it in 1790 and today; what was the original first amendment to the Constitution that passed Congress but was rejected by the states; does the increase in population per district complicate effective representation; what is the impact on the Electoral College of the disparity between the 435 members and the number of constituents in each state; what is the Wyoming Rule and the Cube Rule. Your argument should rest on evidence and analysis, not adjectives and adverbs.ACME WRITERS

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Electoral College of the Disparity
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Sources: Monk; the notes that are in the Course Documents section; the Federalist Papers; online material for issues like the Wyoming Rule.

Format: Three pages of text plus a title page, typed double spaced, proper margins (See Turabian’s book); roughly 12 point font; endnotes rather than footnotes or in text references; endnotes for every

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