Creative Design of the Event Environment

It was a festival at a park, the theme of the festival was called the magical forest, the location was spacious and took alot of resources and facilities to transform it into a unique festival. The concept of the festival was a fantasy themed event where the local park was transformed into the magical forest, setting around the areas with unique magical themed installations, decors & set ups.

the content of the festival was as the following:
1. Activities such as paintball, zip line and rope course. ACME WRITERS2. Created customized glow garden installations at the park and installed it in the pathways.
3. Installed a pop up musuem (Believe it or not) a unique, artistic and attractive musuem that had props, sets and creative illustrations along with optical illusion room, and wonders of the world, such as a the prop of the hearts whale, and a prop of the first small car and the tallest man on earth and the women who ate metals).
4. A stage where there was an international magical show performed by crew performances and dance performers where the content was magical forest themed.
5. An art exhibition for the locals that displayed their artwork.
6. Walls that was dedicated for free spirited to artist that displayed their work reflecting the concept of the festival.
7. Musical parade of performers that were dressed like fairy tales characters.
8. The park had a one of the biggest fountain in the kingdom of saudi arabia, and there was a scheduled fountain show with backdrop music, where visitors would gather around the fountain, this fountain show was daily.
9. A unique seating set up shaped like magical mushrooms and flowers distributed around the park.
10. The market area where customized booth design was designed and set up for participants and complete the look and feel of the environment. ACME WRITERS
11. A pop up cinema was installed on the other side of the park where we made sure it was quite and dark and it created a nice visual experience and transformed the visitors from to different parts of the festival.
12. Pop up musicians around the park.

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Creative Design of the Event Environment
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This my critical issues that i faced in terms of visitor experience and what i did:

– Prepared and presented additional theatrical content for the stage performance, as the stage was in not in the festival content at first, and there was a ready stage area and i wanted to utilize the stage and add a theatrical content to grasp the visitor attention instead of just roaming around, theatre always add a creative impact.
– There were some kiosk already in the park and it was not pretty the branding of it and would be an obstacle in the visualization of the event so i branded all the kiosk made sure it has their identity and the festival as well.
– Improved the visitor experience by adding multiple activities such as theatre shows, musical show and performance.
– Added fences to the event sites and improved the exit and entry of visitors.
– Added branding publications like tickets and others due to their frequent consumption.
– Added additonal illuminated & lightning decoration.
– Changed the lightning of the entire site.ACME WRITERS– Adding various other activities and games outside my scope just to improve the visitor experience
– Added speakers around the park.

Based on the article attached, this is the perfect event and it has all the elements and could be applied to the module.

I want to mention in each element why and how, in the park the lightning was all white, so we changed it all to yellow so we could create a more effective experience, as white lights at night could be strong and dull and looses the beauty of the theme, as the theme is called magical forest. i want you to mention the distribution strategy of the event elements.

The article attached explore the relationship between design elements utilzied in experience creation and emotional connection for event attendees, through the application of goffmans dramaturfical perspective (1959), and the components of atmospherics (kotler, 1973) and service-scapes (bitner, 1992).

Please apply these existing model to the experience of planning an event. please consider each and reflect on how i approached when i planned the above event.

                                                                                                                        ACME Writers