Important Financial Measurement for a Construction Company

The Most Important Financial Measurement

Write a One-Minute Brief describing in your own words the financial measurement you consider to be the most important for a construction company. Be sure to provide ample support for your position. Complete and submit the assignment by 23:59 Mountain Time Sunday.

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Important Financial Measurement for a Construction Company
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OMB stands for One-Minute Brief. These are focused, on-topic, brief write-ups – no more than one page in length – communicating your ideas on a specific topic in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. While the OMB got its name because the reader should only have to spend a minute or so reading it, the length restrictions can actually make them quite challenging to ideate and compose. The format restrictions will train you to communicate your thoughts succinctly. Use your page to apply course learnings, provide analysis, and argue your unique insights.

The purpose of this format is to practice making powerful persuasions quickly, and in writing. I’m sure most of you have some sort of experience either getting or creating lengthy “executive summaries,” only to have them round-filed after the first three or four paragraphs. Make your argument quicker; make it clear, make it concise, and compel me to consider your view.

FORMAT: DO NOT EXCEED 1 PAGE, Calibri 11pt font, 1.15 line spacing, 1” margins. I WILL NOT READ ANYTHING BEYOND THE FIRST PAGE AND WILL GRADE THE ASSIGNMENT ACCORDINGLY and you will lose the points in the assignment rubric related to format. [ Click here for example OMB and writing tips ]

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