Reaction Writing

Our first Argumentative Writing is considered “Reaction Writing” : this means “reacting” or “responding” to what someone else has written.

We analyze someone else’s opinion and formulate our own thesis: To Agree or Disagree with it and provide our own supporting arguments and evidence to support your thesis.ACME WRITERS

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Reaction Writing
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When we respond to someone else’s writing, your essay will include the primary source you are responding to (about 20% of the paper), an additional secondary source (optional: about 5%), and 75 % your own ideas.

Follow CLOSELY the guidelines and organization outlined in “Writing a Reaction to Written Material”; Writing a Reaction to Written Material.pdf.

You will write a Response/ Reaction Essay to the Reading: What Is It About 20 Somethings?.docx ACME WRITERS

You may use the second reading as a supplemental source for your argument: Where Have All The Grownups Gone.docx

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