Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

This component of the project requires students to utilize the information obtained in the needs analysis and the alignment with organization goals and resources to develop curriculum and consider other learning needs within the organization. Students will delineate the three phases (pre-training, learning event, and post-training) and develop curriculum for the training through the use of a curriculum road map that includes learning objectives. It is important to be realistic as you are not developing an entire course but one aspect or module of the training for the class. Developing an entire curriculum is beyond the scope of the class. So, students are to select ONE area from the curriculum to develop a training module. Please note that it is important to select an area within the training needs that is not overly complicated yet robust enough to satisfy the requirements of your final project.ACME WRITERS

This milestone requires students to build the curriculum road map (see page 225 in text) and then select a component of the curriculum to designate as your training module. So, in essence, students will devise the curriculum and then select a portion of the curriculum to develop for the final project. This milestone includes the following:

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Curriculum and Learning Outcomes
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Three phases, curriculum outline and course objectives for training course
Component of the Curriculum designated for the final project and 6 measurable learning objectives
Draft of the Evaluation Design

This assignment should be no more than 6-7 pages. Remember to select an area that aligns with the data collected in the needs assessment and the works well within the mission and vision of your organization. Please review the rubric BEFORE starting this milestone to ensure all elements are included.

This assignment does not require a title page or citations but should look like this:ACME WRITERS

1. Introduction should address a clear connection to needs assessment and organizational goals and rationale for WHY this particular topic was selected. Students should title these one to two paragraphs as “Introduction and Rationale.”

2. The second component should include the three phases. Students may use a diagram if they wish or a paragraph or two description will suffice. This should be titled “Three Phases.” (both the “Introduction and Three Phases” should be no more than a page each).

3. Outline of curriculum and course objectives should be titled “Course Objectives and Curriculum Outline.” This should be approximately two pages in length with a succinct rationale for the selection of Bloom’s in the course objectives. This page should begin with the course objectives, succinct rationale for the selection of Bloom’s Taxonomy and the outline.

4. Section of curriculum student develops for final project with more detail and specific learning objectives broken down for each of the component of the training module. Again, students need to provide a succinct rationale for why each Bloom’s verb was selected. This should be titled “Final Project Learning Plan.”

5. The last section should include the title of “Draft Evaluation” and be approximately one page. I do not expect this to be in “ready” form because, as you develop your curriculum, things may be modified. BUT it is important to start thinking about how you are going to assess the efficacy of the training.ACME WRITERS

This milestone can be single spaced and does not require citations. This is really your plan for the final project. Please remember that is this is a graduate level work so please think through each component carefully. If you would like to schedule time for a screenshare, video conference or a phone conversation before submission — PLEASE let me know.

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