Art Critique


You are now an Art Critic!

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Art Critique
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Thought Papers are to be 3-4 pages (not including title page). Standard 1″ margins, double spaced. Times New Roman, 12-point font.


Introduction: Introduce your subject and give as much information necessary (but, this is not the main purpose of this paper).

Main text: Tell your reader your thoughts on the subject. Aim for at least four of the following questions.

___ What was my first impression of the work?

___ In your opinion, does it succeed in its message/motive/style/ interpretation/construction?

___ Do you think it is aimed at a particular age group/social/class/ gender/future generations?

___ Do you think it is/was relevant to its era/world location/point of origin?

___ Is it a simple or complex idea?

___ In your opinion, is it aesthetically pleasing?ACME WRITERS

___ Does it move you/make you think/reconsider your ideals/ introduce you to a new conviction?

___ Is there a predominant color/material/idea/statement?

___ Why do you think the artist(s) chose this subject?

___ Is/was the work/movement/installation/exhibit successful?

___ Have I supported my arguments with sufficient details?

These are just a few questions you should consider while writing about you your subject. Remember, all opinions should be followed by the most important thought— why.

Conclusion: Simply, any other thoughts you would like to communicate to your readerACME WRITERS

IF you quote or cite, you must use APA format.

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