International Terrorist

Select a terrorist group from the text (or another in which you can locate substantial information).

Prepare an essay covering, in detail, the following:

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International Terrorist
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Briefly describe the nature of the organization. Be sure to includeACME WRITERS

Name of the Terrorist Organization
Country of Origin
History of Organization
Structure of the Organization
Affiliations with Other Organizations
Typology (political, religious, or social [special interest])
Characteristics of Members (Status, Education, Age, Gender)
Tactics (bombings, armed attacks, arson, assassination, hostage taking, hijacking, WMDs, other [be specific and include examples)
Intended Impacts
Any other information of interest.


Follow the above “Writing Assignment Protocols.”ACME WRITERS
Your paper must be at least 5 pages (only). (Do not include the title page or reference page in your page count.) (Points will be deducted for not meeting [five full pages] or exceeding the page limit.)
Your essay should be thorough, yet concise, and in your own words.
Proofread your paper before submitting.
You must use your textbook and at least two (3) other scholarly articles to support your position/findings.
Use the MDC Library and the textbook to locate research to support your paper.
Upload digital copy via Blackboard Learn.

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