An Exploratory Case Study

One important item that stands out is writing at a scholarly level. This pertains to Chapter 1, 2 & 3 and making sure that all chapters align with my study. A great deal to do with content of paragraphs, logic of information, and consistency of language. Please observe the Proposal MEAL plan:
Main idea: topic sentence stating the concrete claim the paragraph is advancing. This is broad statement that is not cited. Just introduce the topic of the paragraph.
Evidence: Paraphrase format he source material you are using to support your topic sentence’s claim. Each paragraph should have 3-5 cited facts woven together in synthesized content.ACME WRITERS
Analysis: Explanation and evaluation of the evidence; explaining the evidence you provided and its relevance in your own words. One or possible two sentences of your analysis but avoid inserting your opinion; base your analysis on the evidence, the cited facts.
Lead Out: Concluding preparing reader to transition to the next paragraph (and the next claim). One sentence to transition to the next paragraph. Basically, thesis is about ESL students at boarding school, the educational leadership, teachers, and school administrators. Problem statement is to study educational leaders do not understand the path of achievement on standardized tests at a boarding school. Purpose statement of this qualitative exploratory case study is to explore leaders’ experiences with ESL students and standardized testing to understand the students path to achievement in the NE region of Oklahoma. Research question What are the experiences of educational leaders with ESL students and standardized testing to understand the students path to achievement? Each chapters, section needs to be align for the proposal approved by University, chair, and URM at the scholarly writing level which I am not really an expert! ACME WRITERS
Any questions please text me at (918) 833-4617 or email me at

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An Exploratory Case Study
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