Data Analysis

For this assignment, you will conduct research to gather data on career salaries, and you will practice analyzing that data using descriptive statistics.

Go to
(Links to an external site.)
Choose any job category and location. Then look through the first 30 jobs listed and record the annual salaries (assume 40 hours/week, 50 weeks/year, 2000 hours/year). Then change ONE of the parameters (either the job category OR the location but not both) and collect another 30 salaries (Do not use the results if fewer than 20 jobs are listed.)ACME WRITERS

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Data Analysis
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Compute the descriptive statistics and create a frequency distribution for the two sets of salaries. Be sure to tell us the range, 1st quartile, 3rd quartile, interquartile range, mean, median, and mode. Also, using the standard error formula, what is the upper level and lower level at 95% confidence and what is your conclusion? You may also want to get data from
(Links to an external site.)
; this site provides a lot of salary information by title and location. You have to sign up for an account, but that’s quick and free. You can also use your own sources as long as you provide us with the link.

Once you have completed your calculations, write a 1–2 paragraph summary of your findings. Describe the variables you chose and the typical salaries you found. How did the data change when you changed the parameters? What comparison conclusions can you draw from your findings? Your summary write-up should show your understanding of the analysis method and should be clearly written using formal English and APA style.ACME WRITERS

You should submit your work as an Excel spreadsheet. Place your summary in a separate tab in the Excel file.

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