Upscale Apartment Complex

In a word document write the following information out in narrative form. Use your textbook to clarify negative form. DO NOT copy and paste what I wrote as your answer and changing only a couple of words will not work either.

The following information is for an assault call.
The officer was dispatched with backup at 1800. The first officer arrived at 1810 and the second officer arrived at 1815.
The location is an apartment in an upscale apartment complex. The victim meets the officers at the security desk. She has a black eye, her lip and nose are bleeding, and she has several red marks on her lower arm. The officers follow her back to her apartment. She tells you the male half of the altercation left the residence, but he said he would be back to finish her off. Looking around the apartment, you notice shattered glass on the kitchen floor. You also notice a knife lying on the kitchen floor. You ask the individual if anyone had been drinking or using drugs. She tells you they both had a few glasses of wine before the altercation. She also tells you this is the first time they have ever had an argument.ACME WRITERS

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Upscale Apartment Complex
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The scenario provides the basic information. Determine if there are witnesses and what they heard or saw. You can also assign names, races, and ages to individuals.

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