A Good Man Is Hard to Find

3-5 page essay on A Good man Is Hard to Find. I have several academic articles i will upload of which one or two have to be cited.

The exact instructions i got are as follows.ACME WRITERS

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find
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This story fits into a genre of literature called “Southern Gothic.” Southern Gothic literature finds truth in grotesque characters, sardonic humor, and often, violent events. In a 3- 5 page essay discuss how you believe this type of literature is an effective, or non-effective, way to arrive at truth in the discussion of the meaning of the lives we live. How did this story affect you? How does this work compare to works we have considered so far this semester ?

Again, this is a difficult story to understand without doing a little outside reading. Include insights gained from related articles you have read in the required reading folder.

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