Professional Business Letter Format

You are to write a cover letter using a professional business letter format. Your Job Search Success book has a sample (pp. 93-95) or you may use other professional business formatting as long as it has the basic information. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FOR A SPECIFIC JOB OR TO A SPECIFI COMPANY.

Research a REAL current job opening that you would like to apply and attach/scan/reference the job posting. You can choose to apply for a real position now such as an internship OR you can apply for a future position and approach as if you have your degree.

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Professional Business Letter Format
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You will need to try to research the person(s) for whom you should address for the position and write a cover letter. Try not to use general phrases such as “To whom it may concern.”ACME WRITERS

Your cover letter needs to WOW! You have to stand out from the pack!!!!!!!

1. Include something very specific in the letter of something you did/accomplished with results.

2. Cover letters are about how you can help THEM and their needs–put something personal about their company.

3. Don’t have a lot of “I” this and “I” that, “I” will, “I” am, “I” “I” “I” Many of these sentences can be rewritten to eliminate the “I”

4. Writing competency as required by this class (minimal to no spelling or grammar issues)ACME WRITERS

Here is a link to a sample cover letter that compares an “average” letter to a “WOW” letter. The sample letter is too long, but it illustrates the importance of standing out and personalizing your letter!

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