Leadership and Motivation

The readings focus on the needs of employees and how leaders can reward/motivate followers to improve their performance and satisfaction. Simple rewards such as praise can be used effectively to achieve very high performance, and it doesn’t cost a thing! Choose any leader (preferably a CEO – this way you can find information related to their leadership style, there may be videos on YouTube and articles with this information).


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Leadership and Motivation
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Give a brief overview of the selected leader and discuss how they illustrate the traits of successful leaders.  What additional characteristics and achievement contribute to their success as a leader? 1. How does the leader you have selected use rewards to improve performance among employees? Give an example. Integrate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the discussion relating those needs to your chosen leader’s leadership style?


2. If you were to use apply Expectancy and Equity theories to your example, how you’re your selected leader influence perceptions of their employees and the overall culture? 3.  If you evaluated your leader’s behaviour from Scotus’s theories of the two affections, can you see evidence of behaviour aligned in the affected commodity way or more in the affection justitiae way? Why would you say that? Give at least one example? 4.    Include two references on research in leadership and motivation.

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