Organizational Change

Topic 8 DQ 1  When working on your Communications Plan Portfolio assignments throughout the course, how did you use principles of strategic communication to implement your organizational change?


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Organizational Change
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Could you have used the principles better in some way? Topic 8 DQ 2  Has anyone ever convinced you to start a healthy behavior or stop an unhealthy behavior? If so, what made them so successful in getting you to change what you were previously doing?


Discussion question requirements; 1) the two primary discussion posts integrate quotations from the textbook and provide the page in the textbook with your reference per question2) follow the rule one idea, one paragraph  – if there are multiple questions in the discussion prompt than one is required to have multiple paragraphs. use multiple sources and quotations from other sources to furnish evidence to support claims and ideas. Per discussion question – two references- use one quotation from textbook use one outside reference to support the claim 

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