Walking Around

Read the Chapter 7-9 of the book,( I uploaded)  Out of all the reading assignments, prepare a Discussion Question (DQ). The DQ should focus on something about the material that you found to be INTERESTING, STIMULATING, IMPORTANT, UNCLEAR, or CONTROVERSIAL.


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Walking Around
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Prepare only one DQ (not one from each reading source or chapter).  (I don’t think you should read all of those, just skim it and find a part you are interested in and write the DQ based on that)The DQ example:   — When implementing Management by Walking Around (p. 12), how do you find a balance between being holed up at your desk versus risking your employees feel that you are micromanaging them?


Do you see examples of this happening in your office? Besides, you should also reply to the other two DQs from others. You can comment on others’ DQ once you have submitted yours. So after you deliver the answer of your DQ, I’ll send you two of the others’ DQs, and please reply to them. 

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