Population Health and Epidemiology

As you progress through your program and move into the professional world, your ability to be a good consumer of research becomes increasingly important. This means understanding research in terms of evaluation, application, and creation (Rodriguez & Toews, 2005). The Analysis, Evaluation, and Synthesis (AES) model was introduced in the ACCESS curriculum as a tool to help you develop higher-order critical thinking skills.


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Population Health and Epidemiology
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The following assignment provides an opportunity to enhance your ability to analyze and evaluate research literature from the healthcare administration discipline. Note that all research analysis and evaluation within this assignment will contain components that will be included, or are a part of, your dissertation. You will advance to synthesis when completing the literature review for your dissertation.


As you complete this assignment, also consider assumptions, assertions, and inferences made by the author and yourself in relation to each of the content specific research components within your discipline.


Review two journal articles (one qualitative and one quantitative) from the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings.


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper analyzing and evaluating the essential research components of an introduction included in the two journal articles you selected to review.


Consider the following questions as you complete your critical analysis and evaluation of the journal articles you selected:


Components of an introduction should include such things as a problem statement, purpose of the study, and research questions. What are the characteristics of a good problem statement? Provide examples of evidence that support the significance of the problem.
How does the problem statement align with the research questions? Provide examples of how the problem contributes to professional knowledge and practice.
Is the research purpose logical? What constitutes a good research question? How do the research questions meet those requirements? Identify how the research questions tie directly to the purpose. Are they clear, specific, and unambiguous?
How might you revise or improve the research questions to support the scope of the study? How do the research questions delineate the scope of the study? Identify any common themes or errors identified in any of the research questions.
How does the introduction explain the contents of the study? How does the introduction set the stage for the study and direct the reader to the purpose? How does the introduction provide a clear and valid representation of what will be found in the remainder of the study? Does the introduction clearly reflect the study and its relationship to the proposed problem and purpose? If so, how?


Describe the findings of your analysis and evaluation.


Explain the steps you took to analyze and evaluate the research components of the introduction. What insight did you gain from this process that will help you to develop the introduction of your dissertation?


Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.

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