Tissue Concept Map


A concept map is used to help organize relationships between different concepts or ideas. It is a visual tool to connect how things are related to each other. In this assignment, you will be creating a concept map of the 4 primary tissue types and the subcategories of each of the primary tissue types.

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Tissue Concept Map
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Tissue Concept Map
Create a concept map of your choice; you can do this on a word document, PowerPoint, Adobe, Paint, or Hand-drawn. If you are unsure ask your instructor for other options if applicable. There is an example of a concept map at the end of this document for reference.ACME WRITERS
The concept map needs to include:
The four primary tissue types
The function of each primary tissue type
All subtypes of each primary tissue
The function of each subtype
An example of where you would find each subtype in the body
A histological image or drawing of each subtype –
A histological image is what the tissue type would look like under a microscope.
In addition to the concept map answer the following questions:
What are the steps involved in tissue repair? Explain the process of tissue repair.
Some tissues in the body regenerate or repair very well whereas others do not regenerate at all.
Pick one tissue type or subtype that regenerates very well and explain why it does.
Pick one tissue type or subtype that regenerates very poorly and explain why it does not regenerate well.ACME WRITERS

Complete additional research on the topic as necessary, ensuring to cite and reference all material in APA format.

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