Research Proposal for an Empirical Investigation

The major assignment for this course is a Project in which you will develop a research proposal for an empirical investigation of a psychological topic related to this class. This proposal will outline a “thought experiment” and it will follow the expectations for the content and format of an APA-style research manuscript. In this paper you will include a literature review (your own synthesis of prior research and theory that forms the rationale for your proposed study); a statement of hypotheses (pose specific research questions and predict what the nature of the relationship would be among the variables you are proposing to study); a complete method section (e.g., participants, sampling methods, experimental design, procedures, measures/instruments, etc.); a statement of your expected results; and discussion of possible limitations of your proposed study.

The content and format of your Project paper will mimic the structure and content of a research article published in a peer-reviewed scientific article. It should follow the general guidelines in your syllabus regarding Psychology Research Papers (APA format and cover page, 20-30 pages, at least 10 peer-reviewed academic journal articles)

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Research Proposal for an Empirical Investigation
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The first part is literature review 7-10 pages

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