Course About Culture, Environment and Technology

Please read the instruction below:

Your topic statement needs to clearly state your (1) TOPIC, the (2) CULTURE or CULTURES you will be looking at, the (3) QUESTION or QUESTIONS that will guide what you do, and (4) list one or more (2-3 is ideal at this point) applicable REFERENCES. Note that, when written, questions always end with one of these: (?) a question mark! No question mark means you have no question/s.

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Course About Culture, Environment and Technology
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This is a course about culture, environment & technology, so your topic must be related somehow to environment or technology (or both). And the topic must be considered with respect to OTHER CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS. This means that you must go beyond description; you must consider your topic as it (or how it) relates to (shapes, etc.) other aspects of the culture or cultures you are looking at. All of the above, of course, needs to be integrated into your final essay.

The following (which I just made up) consists of two topic statement examples containing the required things listed above. Note that these are only examples; yours may end up looking longer (or whatever), but the components mentioned above are present in both of these off-hand examples (with the exception of references).

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