Best Practices in Student Self-Assessment

For post:

Come up with three sentences of your own (in English) that are logically complex, and use the connectives we learned in this chapter. Try to use all five of the connectives at least once in your three sentences. Try to use different words for your connectives, too. In other words, make a sentence that is challenging for your classmates to translate.

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Best Practices in Student Self-Assessment
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For your response to at least 2 classmates:

Translate their sentences into symbolic logic. Use the following symbols:

For negation (not): use ~

For conjunction (and): use *ACME WRITERS

For disjunction (or): use v

For conditional (if … then): use >

For biconditional (if and only if): use =

Make sure that you tell folks whether they got your problems correct or incorrect!

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