Health Benefits of Running

I. Introduction

Possible ideas for the introduction (see above for suggestions):

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Health Benefits of Running
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Running is one of the most popular and practiced sports worldwide.

Improving fitness is one of the main motivations for Americans to start running

Relieving stress and having fun are top reasons why people continue to run as a sport in the United States.

Thesis Statement (Usually the last sentence(s) in the introduction):

Running is a great way to exercise. It helps improve mental and physical performance, control their weight, and also helps develop muscle.


II. Body (A paper may have a few or many main points; decide how many your paper will need)

Paragraph 1/Main Point: Mental and physical performance


a. Helps with Depression & Anxiety by releasing endorphins in your brain.

b. Aids sleep

c. Intensifies Vitality


Paragraph 2/Main Point: Controls weight


a. Running helps to burn calories and you continue to burn calories after workout.

b. Running suppresses appetite

C. Easily accessible


Paragraph 3/Main Point: Helps develop muscle


a. Sprints help build muscle

b. The act of landing: absorbing two to four times your body weight

c. Beginner running/ advanced running muscle building is much different.


Paragraph 4/Main Point: Other benefits of running


a. Helps regulate your blood pressure.

b. Improves insulin sensitivity

c. Boosts metabolism


III. Conclusion

Reworded Thesis (Usually found near the beginning of the conclusion):

The benefits of running make it an excellent exercise. People who are looking to improve their overall health should consider running.

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