Superhero Essay

– The essay should follow the structure of an academic essay.
– Essay Length: 950 words

– The essay should focus on the argument that supports the need for your superhero. (McJustice is the name of the superhero.)
– Describe the superhero, but it is important to analyze how the qualities are important or meaningful and address the problem or the issue. ACME WRITERS
– The essay must defend the significance of the superhero (McJustice) in our culture.
– The essay should be in MLA format
– Please identify a current problem/issue – (How our police/law system is misguiding and misusing their power) that affects our culture/community and how a superhero (McJustice) could help address that issue.
– Remember that the thesis should focus on how McJustice is the best solution. then, the essay can defend your point of view about Mcjustice and not just describe what is needed.

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Superhero Essay
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