The Journey of Coffee from Ethiopia to Europe

Assignment 2 – in 600 words, work through the history of this practice in the world. What do we know of it today? What has history forgot to tell us? Who is left in the shadow, and needs to be recognized? You are required to engage with at least two articles from throughout our semester’s reading (not to overlap with readings that you use in any other assignment). The assignment will be graded on three rubrics: Coherence (30%), ethnographic appropriateness (50%), grammar, spelling, and length (20%).


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The Journey of Coffee from Ethiopia to Europe
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Paragraph 1: Remind the reader about the topic of your research for the semester, why it is important, who it might be important to.

Paragraph 2: What is the mainstream discourse about this topic? Who does the general public think is driving this industry?

Paragraph 3+4: What is the role of European politics, media, and economic politics in the way we have learned to think about this topic?ACME WRITERS

Paragraph 5: What parts of history and current events are we not exposed to? What communities and histories are not being thanked because of this?

Paragraph 6: What can we learn from Europe’s legacy by looking at your research topic?

Paragraph 6 is where you paraphrase the concepts/arguments of two authors in our class. You should refer to one of the texts we covered in class, and add it in the references. remember you need to have two authors in each paper.

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