Economic Exploitation

The Non-Examined Assessment is an independent piece of work. It is an essay of around 3500-4500 words that you independently research and write up. It needs to cover a period of 100 years and will be on British rule in c18th and c19th India.


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Economic Exploitation
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2. In the context of the period 1757-1876, assess the validity of the view that British rule in India was based on economic exploitation.


Your answer needs to show an awareness of change and continuity over the 100 year period in your question. The components of the essay are:

1. 20 out of 40 marks are for knowledge – so the basis of it is just a good historical essay which gives a well evidenced and justified answer to the chosen question

2. 10 out of 40 marks are on sources – you need to include three contemporary sources which demonstrate views from the time. These need to be evaluated

3. 10 out of 40 marks are for interpretations – what two historians have argued about your chosen topic. You need to show an understanding of historical debate on your topic and reference these views throughout your essay. These also need to be evaluated

4. Your work needs to be fully referenced and include a bibliography


Additional guidance on interpretations:

You must provide explicit analysis and evaluation of two differing interpretations by academic historians. It is not expected that absolutely opposing interpretations are selected, and they may, in any case, be difficult to find. Much of the difference between interpretations may in fact be quite subtle. The interpretations selected may focus on one part of the 100-year context, or may consider the period as a whole.


Students must demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which the context in which the historians were writing may have influenced the interpretation. In addition to evaluating the differences between the interpretations, students must also explain the significance of the time and/or context in which the historians were writing. There is no need for the interpretations to have been written in different times and/or contexts, but students should be able to comment upon these aspects.


Additional guidance on sources:

At least three primary sources and/or sources contemporary to the period should be established. In addition, two of these sources must be of different types. Consider content, context, value, reliability, tone etc

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