Financial Objective

You have $10,000 to invest. You invest it all on Wall Street, selecting at least 5 Companies from any common USA exchange market. Buy LOW (your purchase price is the low price stated on the date of purchase). After you purchase there is no money left. DO NOT ROUND OFF the number of shares purchased (calculated automatically). We are assuming that no transaction cost occurs. You should invest your money on Friday September 11, before the end of the trading day. Your shares should be only common stock. A stock with the letters pf after the symbol means it is preferred stock, not common stock. You will keep track of your purchases on a bi-weekly basis using any investor website I like: On September 13 you will submit a brief purchase report (no more than 300 words) and your Investment record (scroll to the bottom to locate your investment record)ACME WRITERS


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Financial Objective
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Name of your companies, the ticker symbol, how many shares of each did you purchase with $10,000? (Your Investment record contains all this data, submit your investment record don’t repeat this)

Provide a brief narrative for the following questions. Be honest, if you asked your Dad for advice say so. There is no right or wrong response.

What was your reason for selecting these companies?
What factors influenced your choice?
How much research did you do before making your decision?
What source or sources did you use for your research?
What is your financial objective in selecting these companies?ACME WRITERS

Use the following chart for your investment record. Record your share price on the dates indicated.

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