Statistical Analysis, Tests, Graphics

Using the secondary data for your selected firm, produce an analysis that compares some key criteria to show the selected areas of focus in your research on your firm. This analysis will help you to show the importance of your research question for this firm and set the stage for the qualitative research you are about to undertake.

Produce a spreadsheet with associated graphs, also provide a page or two to discuss this data analysis and the conclusions you have drawn. Add this to the growing work you have on the Background for the firm you are studying. By integrating this work into your Background section, you will have completed an important addition for the appendix of your Dissertation. So be sure that you put together the information in the attachments to tell the story of why you selected this firm for your Dissertation and how your analysis supports the importance of the work you will be doing on this dissertation research.

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Statistical Analysis, Tests, Graphics
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*Supporting Documents Attached: Use the information to help form final document of background information and secondary data on the organization. Will need a completed excel spreadsheet with the stats and analysis and a 3-page word documents explaining and summarizing the excel document. This work needs to be as original as possible.

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