Optimizing Transportation Problems in Food Industry

The aim of this dissertation is to provide a functional algorithm that works in finding the most optimum option for distributing products with correlation to inventory management and reverse flow management. The research objective includes:

· To develop mixed-integer programming model that is able to optimise transportation problems in food industry

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Optimizing Transportation Problems in Food Industry
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· To develop a deterministic approach for solving transportation problem.

· To develop a MILP model that minimises the cost of distributing food items from different sources or origins to multiple locations.

DNP Role Presentation

A broader view can be adopted by applying the algorithm to the food industry and the reverse flow of expired goods from customers to suppliers. Selecting a specific type of food as the product to supply adds another important factor in the constraints: the temperature set to conserve the food during inventory and transportation.

To achieve this goal, the research will develop knowledge and employ instruments that yield statistical data such as MATLAB software.

I will need a summary of the whole dissertation for me to be able to present it to my advisor and it needs to be completed on time.
I will give more information such as my advisor feedback to help you write the dissertation and the references that he approved.

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