Affirmative Action

Unit 1.4 – Do We Still Need Affirmative Action What do you think? Is affirmative action a positive or negative social construct? What are the main challenges for implementing these policies and laws?
Do they work? Are they fair in the short- and long-term?1.4: Do We Still Need Affirmative Action? Is Affirmative Action a Good Approach against Discrimination?PageThis article summarizes affirmative action, and addresses some of its pros and cons.
Boundless Sociology: “Chapter 10, Section 6: Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: Affirmative Action”PageThis article provides historical data regarding affirmative action as well as the correlation with class inequality.o Fisher vs. University of Texas –
Background and the Arguments page in the following two videos, professors Carolyn Shapiro and Sheldon Nahmod discuss a recent affirmative action case that exhibits the controversy of “reverse discrimination” as it relates to affirmative action legislation.

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