Impact of Technology

This week, think about the problem in education that you identified back in Week 3. Create a timeline showing how technology has impacted, is impacting, and will impact this problem.

Then write a one-page summary in APA format detailing your findings and responding to all the following prompts:

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Impact of Technology
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Do you consider technology to be part of the problem, part of the solution, or a bit of both? Why?ACME WRITERS

Explain any important dates, events, experts whose work you relied upon, successes, challenges etc.

Some of your evidence will come from library or Internet resources, and some may also come from your workplace. While you should name authors of published resources, you should refer to your colleagues and leaders only in general terms.

For example:

Part I

Timeline showing dates and events with minimal text boxes.

Part II

Excerpt from a one-page summary

At the school where I am employed, test scores in English literature were lower than expected in 2010-2014, and this was a serious concern. In order to improve scores, the administration at my school tested a one to one ratio of computers to students in 2015 and 2016. It was somewhat successful in this aspect (explain briefly) but not in other aspects (explain briefly). Author (2006) conducted a study at a school that had also added computers to improve test scores, but his results were more successful than the results at my school. My school is trying a new intervention at the moment using some specialized reading software. Our district is considering implementing a learning management system in 2020, but we have financial issues, stakeholder resistance etc.ACME WRITERS

If you are not currently working or not working in education, it is acceptable to invent a scenario that is plausible and covers all the prompts.

You may create a timeline in Microsoft Word or use a free Microsoft Word timeline template that you find online such as the ones from

You should not use other programs like Visio, Excel, or PowerPoint instead.

Use timeline structure with dates, text boxes (required), and additional graphics (optional).

Then use APA essay format for the one-page summary, including in-text citations and references list.

Length: 1 completed timeline and a one-page summary with in-text citations and references list

References: Include a minimum of three credible resources appropriate to your specialization. of which at least one should be from a scholarly journal.


Depiction of the Impact of Technology as a Problem or Solution Over Time

Employers require their employees to be conversant with the newest technology. In education, technology has proven itself to be a problem and a solution over time. It is a double-edged sword, as students may benefit from technology in the classroom when it is used for legitimate pedagogical aims. However, students must be supervised carefully to ensure that they are using the technology for approved purposes and not being distracted by it. The problem of the use of cell phones in the classroom is a favorite topic of NCU student essays because it is controversial. Some teachers have found beneficial activities that students can participate in from their phones while others ask students to leave their phones inside backpacks for the duration of the class. There are debates about whether teacher opposition to phones in the classroom stems from the need to maintain order or whether teachers simply do not want to learn new technology. Parents are another set of stakeholders who may either view phones as a necessary safety device or feel that young students do not need phones or do not have the maturity to keep expensive equipment in one piece. Attitudes toward cellphone use in the classroom may also evolve over time.

Something that is not controversial is the need for educational leaders to use technology to improve schools. Interestingly enough, in one article from this week’s reading, principals were concerned about their own technological fluency.

While you are reading the resources, think about how technology and your problem intersect. What solutions to your problem have experts proposed that use technology? Technology is one of those subjects that excites strong feelings; so when you search for your own sources, be wary of articles that seem to be written by technology’s cheerleaders or detractors. An important part of critical thinking is being able to detect bias or logical fallacies. The key words this week are “over time” as sometimes opinions about technology change over time from fear to acceptance or from excitement to boredom when the wow factor of a new gadget has worn off.ACME WRITERS

Be sure to review this week’s resources carefully. You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.

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