Prevalent Kinds of Motivation

1. Views of Learning
i. Provide a profile of a class that you teach regularly, including their learning needs
(linguistic, cognitive and affective), their learning preferences, their preferred learning
strategies, prevalent kinds of motivation etc. Also include full information about the age
range, level and size of the class.
ii. Select ONE or a maximum of TWO needs which emerge from your profile and justify
your choiceACME WRITERS
iii. Teach one or two lessons which respond to these needs and collect data on the results
of the lesson(s) in relation to the need(s).
iv. Use your lesson data to analyse the extent to which you catered for the need(s) you
v. Provide a brief conclusion in which you reflect on what you have learned from this
investigation of your practice and mention any changes resulting from it that you would
like to implement in your teaching in future. Include any advice or support you may wish
to give to your learners to make their learning more effective.
4000 words (or equivalent)
i To arrive at your class profile you may want to consider any combination of the following
methods of investigation:
Needs analysis questionnaires to your learners
 Third party observation of one of your classes
 Your own observation of your learners’ in-class learning strategies
Updated January 2020
 Interviews with individual learners to determine reasons for learning English and/or
attitudes to English
ii In analysing how you cater to the needs you have identified, you may wish to use any
combination of questionnaires, samples of learner work, field notes, transcript extracts
or third party observation to collect data on the learning in your classACME WRITERS
You may sometimes also need to refer to your own teaching strategies and the tasks
you set learners. Please note, however, your focus should be mostly on the learning and
learners in the lesson(s).
iii Your conclusion should take the form of a short piece of reflective writing, but it is also an
opportunity for you to relate what you do in the classroom to what you have picked up from
relevant literature.


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Prevalent Kinds of Motivation
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It is supposed that I have to deliver a lesson and to meet my students needs

there should be a questionnaire

and things such applying triangulation

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