Parent, Benefactor and Tacit Agreement

In this week’s PP I highlighted three arguments from Plato’s Crito (Parent, Benefactor, Tacit Agreement). After reading the Crito, please answer all of the following:

(A) Which of these arguments do you find most convincing?ACME WRITERS

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Parent, Benefactor and Tacit Agreement
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(B) Choose one argument and offer at least one reason in support of it (i.e. Why might a reasonable person accept it?).

(C) Raise an objection to that same argument (to a particular step in that argument), taking care to illustrate your objection thoroughly.

(D) This week, I’d like you to respond to another student’s post (if you are one of the first to post, you may need to check back in with the board this weekend). Your reply should be about the content of the post, as opposed to “Hey, I like your post!” (though you can certainly say that too).

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