Type of Industry

Now it is time to concentrate on how jobs that are incredibly alienating can be fixed. Often, making jobs less alienating requires some major changes in the way the workplace is organized and run and in the way job responsibilities are defined. This five point assignment asks you to consider how a particular job is alienating and to propose some ways of reorganizing the work place to make it a more tolerable job. This will be conveyed in a 2-3 page essay (double-spaced) submitted via Canvas.


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Type of Industry
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In this assignment, you are asked to revisit an ALIENATING job that you have held (or one of your close friends or family members has held)–a job that was particularly alienating, by Karl Marx’s criteria. If the job was not your own, you may have to call that friend or family member.

· Provide the job title, responsibilities, and the type of industry/business/agency that employed this person (you don’t have to provide it’s actual name, but you can if you want to!) (1 point)
· Then identify how the job was alienating, giving attention to each of the four aspects defined in our chapter. Which of these was the most damaging to the workers and how? (2 points)
· Become an industrial sociologist for a day and try to figure out ways to make that job less alienating. Career Match (by Chegg) describes the work of an industrial sociologist in this way:
How does the interaction between coworkers change when they become aware of pay differences? What effect does managerial favoritism have on job performance? What is the most effective means of communication both up and down the chain of command? These are the types of questions you research as an Industrial Sociologist.ACME WRITERS

Your interest lies in the ways people perceive, react, and relate to their job function, subordinates, superiors, and workflow. You analyze the role of competition within the company as it relates to job satisfaction, motivation, and performance. Technology, the demands of balancing work and family life, and the physical conditions of the workplace all garner your interest as well.

(Source: https://www.careermatch.com/job-prep/career-insights/profiles/industrial-sociologist/ ) (Links to an external site.)
· Describe in detail at least three ways you could reorganize this job (maybe moving some tasks to others and taking on some other tasks for this worker, changing the physical setting, changing the social setting, changing the relationship of the worker to the profit, etc.). Put some serious thought into this, and be sure to connect your changes to Marx’s aspects of alienation. (2 points)

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