Critical Comparison Essay

Please create a critical comparison essay on the following two articles:

1. Bennett, S., Maton, K., & Kervin, L. (2008). The ‘digital natives’ debate: A critical review of the evidence. British Journal of Educational Technology, 39(5), 775-786. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8535.2007.00793.x

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Critical Comparison Essay
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2. Bullen, M., Morgan, T., & Qayyum, A. (2011). Digital learners in higher education: Generation is not the issue. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 37(1), 1-24. Retrieved from

Prepare the following:
1. Reverse outline for both the articles separately
2. Identify issues and debates for both the articles separately
3. Critical thinking question and answers for both the articles separately
4. Critical comparison outline just like a reverse outline
5. Critical comparison essay in 800 words in APA format.

1. For your reference or as an example reverse outline, issues and debates, critical thinking questions and answers, and critical comparison outline of Prensky and Wohlsen’s article have been attached here.
2. Templates for all of the above are also attached here.
3. Make sure you follow all the instructions and templates carefully.

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