Cause and Effect Essay

This is a cause and effect paper on obesity. I already wrote my thesis statement and did the outline of information that has to be included in the paper.

I. Introductory paragraph

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Cause and Effect Essay
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a. Thesis statement: obesity is a growing problem in today’s society, it has a direct effect on a person’s health, mentality, social life and ecosystem.

II. Supporting paragraphs

a. Cause A (body paragraph #1) topic sentence: obesity has longterm and immediate effects on an individuals health.

i. Subpoint 1 -body pain and difficulty with physical function

ii. Subpoint 2- type 2 diabetes or coronary heart disease can develop from being obese.

iii. Subpoint 3-respiratory disorders

iv. Subpoint 4- obese individuals are at a higher risk for cancer.

v. Subpoint 5-obesity causes bone /joint damage and accidents.

b. Cause B (body paragraph #2) topic sentence: a person’s mental state tends too deteriorate due to obesity.

i. Subpoint 1-mental illness such as anxiety another mental disorders.

ii. Subpoint 2- low self-esteem due to being obese

iii. Subpoint 3 -obesity for some people is a result of PTSD

iv. Subpoint 4-obesity is linked directly too Binge eating disorder.

v. Subpoint 5-


c. Cause C (body paragraph #3) topic sentence: obesity is associated with a poor personal and social life.

i. Subpoint 1- people who are obese tend to not like being around large crowds

ii. Subpoint 2-people suffering from obesity are more likely to be bullied or humiliated because of their weight.

iii. Subpoint 3-obesity can cause marriage problems .

iv. Subpoint 4- people with obesity tend to not have strong social bonds with others

v. Subpoint 5-obese people tend to have a harder time finding a companion.

d. Cause D (body paragraph #4) topic sentence: how does obesity effect the environment and economic system.

i. Subpoint 1-obesity contributes to greater GHG emissions.

ii. Subpoint 2- The more food being consumed leads to a greater demand for food.

iii. Subpoint 3- More resources are being used to supply processed foods for the obese.


iv. Subpoint 4- more fast food restaurants are being built to supply the demand for fast and convenient eating.

v. Subpoint 5- obesity has a direct impact on direct medical spending.

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