People’s Health

Please, Writer, see attachment for further instructions:

1) Watch this TED video: (Links to an external site.). The idea of a “life radius” discussed around minute 8:00 captures social determinants of health perfectly, as it describes the environment that strongly influences people’s health.

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People’s Health
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2) Next, consider your life radius.

Questions to think about: What does your environment look like? It’s a nice environment, its clean, I live by a pound, is a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms. Has a lot of trees. (Writer please feel free to add whatever you want)

Where do you live, work, and play? I live on zip code 46845. I work at Dupont hospital what is 10 minutes from my house. I take my kids to play at the park, or on the back of our house that has a pound and we can fish, to sky zone, to chuck and cheese.

Where do your children go to school and how do they get there? My kids go to school at Cedar Canyon, they take the school bus.

What education and job opportunities are available to you? All kinds, Universities to study, jobs of all kids (please writer make up whatever u think you can add to this section)

What type of home do you live in? I live in a two-story home with a pound on my back yard. My house has a nice porch on the front. I live in area that doesn’t have a lot of car movement just who lives in this subdivision.

Where do you grocery shop? I go grocery shopping at Costco, Walmart and Kroger’s. I do sometimes go to a local meat store when I want to buy steak.

What transportation do you use? I use my car.

Where do you get healthcare? I go to my primary health doctor at Lutheran network and when I need to go to the hospital, I go to Dupont hospital where I work.

What kind of safety issues and stressors do you face related to your environment? I don’t really have a lot of safety issues, where I live the criminal rate is very low. But I do have cameras all over my house

Who is your support system and what does their environment look like? My support system is my husband, my family is from brazil and I have no one here. My husband family are not involved in our lives, they live a little far so we don’t get to see them very often. So it’s just my husband and I and our 3 kids. Their environment is okay, my husband’s family are very poor, his parents didn’t even finish high school. My husband is the only one in his family that went to college.


3) Finally, (if you don’t live there) study the life radius of the 46806 zip code on the southeast side of Fort Wayne. This zip code has gotten unfortunate press over the years for high infant mortality rates and other poor health outcomes. Get in your car and drive around this neighborhood; think of its life radius as you do so. (If you live in the 46806 zip code, consider the same questions as you drive around a rural community).Writer: Pretend that you drove around and it’s a very poor part of the city. Google about the zip code 46806 in fort Wayne Indiana and write whatever u want.

· One think to add is that I worked for 6 years at Saint Joseph hospital (downtown) zip code 46802 and its in a bad neighborhood of town. SO must of my patients were homeless people, and poor people that live in that side of town. Please writer use that information as you need. thanks


Look through these links below to give you more background information about our community:

St. Joe Foundation’s Vulnerable Populations Study (Findings Report)

Preview the document

FSSA’s Hoosier Health & Well-Being Atlas (Links to an external site.) (interactive map)


4) Assignment: In about three paragraphs, discuss what you’ve learned with your small group.

Questions to consider: After reflecting on your own life radius and studying another environment (ex. 46806, rural), how are they the same/different? What did you see on your drive that was expected/unexpected? What are pros/cons in each environment related to social determinants of health? What did you learn from the above links (Vulnerable Populations Study, Hoosier Health & Well-Being Atlas)? How has your life radius impacted your health? What can we do to improve the life radius of others in our community?

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