Ethnographic Exercise

Assignment 1 – in 500 words, describe the results of your ethnographic exercise in participant observation on your research site. In doing this, be as descriptive as possible, and refrain from being prescriptive. Explain the space to an alien who understands the language, but does not know the culture. You are required to engage with at least two articles from throughout our semester’s reading (not to overlap with readings that you use in any other assignment). The assignment will be graded on three rubrics: Coherence (30%), ethnographic appropriateness (50%), grammar, spelling, and length (20%).


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Ethnographic Exercise
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15% of your final grade
Meant to test your ability to identify and interpret alternative ideas on a specific subject matter.
Paragraph 1: introduce your semester’s research topic and explain what space you chose for the participant observation

Paragraph 2: Describe the Space to an alien (how is it structured? What things can we see in the space, what do they mean?

Paragraph 3: Describe the Context to an alien (when and where are you, what has historically happened to lead to your research topic existing in this form?)

Paragraph 4: Describe the Actors to an alien (who is in the space? Actors with body, actors with body, what roles do they serve?)

Paragraph 5: Describe the Purpose of this space and everything in it to an alien (what can you, as a native anthropologist, tell us about how people give meaning and purpose to this space?)

Please use a photo (if you can ethically take on) or a drawing of the space to illustrate how it is structured.

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