Financial Management

Assignment 1

For this assignment, you are to create an assessment to measure how your clinic/department is doing in the area of financial performance. Create a practice assessment with questions that are relevant to assessing your medical practice’s financial management performance. Since there are so many areas/processes related to financial management, choose one and focus on that for this assignment.

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Financial Management
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An introductory statement explaining the purpose of and how to use the assessment must be included.
A minimum of 10 questions must be defined.
An explanation of how the assessment results will be used and the frequency of the assessment is to be typed at the bottom of the assessment.
Create the assessment in the Excel template attached. (Download the template.)
Save the assessment in Excel format AND in a .pdf format.
Submit the assignment as a .pdf file online through Canvas.

Open the Assessment Portfolio Project template and complete the Financial Management Assessment tab for this assignment.

The link for the Assessment Portfolio Project template ->>

Or the attachment in the description


Replace the “red” text with your information.
Add more lines as needed.

Refer to the financial management articles and research other articles online. Then, form your questions based on what you (as clinic manager) would need to ask in order to assess your office to determine if your office’s financial performance is considered healthy.
You must create an assessment that can be used to identify areas that are deficient for the purpose of initiating corrective actions.
This assignment is to CREATE this form only. It is NOT to perform an actual assessment.
Remember, you are building an assessment portfolio. This is the first step.
you will use the assessments you created to perform a practice evaluation.
Once you understand these instructions, click on this box and delete it before saving your file.
Don’t forget to save the file in Excel AND in a .pdf format. The .pdf file will be used to submit your assignment. The Excel file will be used to make revisions and for your next class.

Assignment 2

Read the Case Study below and prepare a short presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Follow the instructions in the attached article when you prepare your presentation. Your grade will be based on following these tips.

Submit your presentation online through Canvas.

Instruction Article: 10 Tips for Creating a Winning Business Plan in

10 Tips for Creating a Winning Business Plan in PowerPoint.pdf


Case Study: The monthly financial report was presented at last evening’s board meeting. The results were very good. It looks like this year will be the best year ever and there were some questions about what could be done to continue to grow the practice. Since you have a relationship with Bill Emory at the bank, the board members asked you to get together with Bill, Joe Smith, and a CPA to look into getting a bone densitometer for the practice. Your initial meeting was positive and you agreed that there would be a presentation and recommendation at the next board meeting to proceed with plans to offer this new ancillary service in the current office. What would you present?

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