Newspaper Critiques

This is an article I found, if you find a better or more recent please feel free to use it.

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Newspaper Critiques
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This is my opinion, I do agree with capital punishment to a certain extent. I also think it should be in all 50 states. Please feel free to ask my any other questions about my thought on this if you need it to add to the paper

All work should be double-spaced.


Article reviews are graded on correct form and the mechanics of writing (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO SPELLING AND GRAMMAR)

The review should be typed USING THE HEADINGS AS SHOWN in the following format:
Author: _____ Book Title: _______ Your Name: ______
(Magazine/Title, date Course: ______
and pages) Section: ______


1. Why this article caught my attention one paragraph.

2. Why I agree/disagree with the contents of this
article one to two paragraphs.

3. How does/could this information presented in this
article impact on my life and/or the lives ofACME WRITERS
those individuals surrounding me? One to two

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