Develop a Thesis and Outline

Writing a longer research paper can be a daunting task. We once again are going to take this task and break it down into three parts. The first part of the overall task is to conduct general research on your topic to develop a thesis and outline. The second part will be to do research and collect data, while the third and final portion will be to synthesis your data into a well-organized and coherent document that thoroughly defends your thesis.ACME WRITERS

To write an effective paper, you must be organized by using an outline and having a quality thesis. To develop your thesis, you will need to do some brain storming and conduct a bit of research. The assignment instructions dictate what you must answer in your paper, so please also address these items in your paper’s thesis. All your main ideas used to defend your position on the topic should be a separate line in your outline as well.

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Develop a Thesis and Outline
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The module learning outcome addressed in this activity is:

Develop a thesis and an alphanumeric outline to compare your selected leader to those historical leaders covered in the course. (CO #3, 4, 5)

You have already selected a leader about whom you have compared strategies, qualities, and styles throughout this course. For this assignment, you will use your previous outline and thesis, your previous research, as well as the feedback from your midterm to develop a more expansive outline and thesis. In addition to showing how your selected modern leader used and adapted the strategies, qualities and styles of past Maverick Leaders, your outline and thesis must address the comparison of the behaviors of those past maverick leaders with your selected modern leader. The adaptations must show how the leaders changed the strategies, qualities, styles, and behaviors of the former leaders to work in the contemporary operating environment. In this thesis and outline, you must also address your selected leader’s ethical and moral compass throughout their time as a leader.


This thesis and outline will help you conduct your research to develop your final exam which is to create a 2800- word essay (APA).
This thesis and outline should be about the military leader which you selected in Module 2.ACME WRITERS

As you progress in your research and in the course, if you may feel that either your thesis or outline needs adjusting, please do so and resubmit your assignment to your instructor through the My Message system to receive feedback on your new direction.

For this assignment, please submit a properly formatted title page (APA), your thesis and outline and a separate page with your reference section with at least three properly formatted references that you will use in your final paper.z

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