Nursing Leadership Theories in Practice

NSG/451: Professional Nursing Leadership Perspectives

Wk 1 – Leadership Theories in Practice [due Tuesday]

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Nursing Leadership Theories in Practice
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Wk 1 – Leadership Theories in Practice [due Tuesday ]

Assignment Content


As you learned in NSG/416: Theoretical Development and Conceptual Frameworks, theory-guided practice improves patient outcomes because of purposeful systematic application. As you grow in the nurse leader role, you will see the same holds true for theory-guided leadership. This assignment is designed to link leadership theory to practice and connect your past and current experience to help you grow as a leader.


Complete the Leadership Theories in Practice worksheet.


Submit your worksheet with citations.





University of Phoenix Material


Leadership Theories in Practice


Review the leadership theories on pages 9-11 and Gardner’s Tasks of Leading/Managing on pages 14-15 in Leading and Managing in Nursing.


Complete the table below:


Summarize the main points of the theory in your own words in the Summary Definition column.

Provide an example where you witnessed the theory in practice or suggest a situation where it could be applicable in the Practice Example column. Do not restate the Application to Practice column in the textbook; provide a unique example or suggest a possible scenario.

Correlate at least one of Gardner’s task to the theory and practice example in the last column.


Use at least five in-text citations in the table to support your summaries, practice examples, or application of Gardner’s Tasks. In the References section below the table, create an APA-formatted list to cite each resource.

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