The Inferno is the Relationship between God and Humanity

Question: One of the major themes in The Inferno is the relationship between God and humanity, particularly as it relates to sin and God’s justice. Let’s explore what the scholarship has to say about this topic. First, review the lecture on evaluating sources and locating peer-reviewed articles. Then, go to the SUO library and in a scholarly journal find a credible, full-text, peer-reviewed article about The Inferno. Write a citation for the article that is formatted in APA style and then annotate the article.

Now, review The Inferno, and locate a specific passage that you feel illustrates one key aspect of the relationship between God and humanity. Provide your interpretation of this relationship. How does Dante imagine the relationship between God and humanity? What are the differences between your interpretation and the article you located? What are the similarities?ACME WRITERS

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The Inferno is the Relationship between God and Humanity
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Remember that your claims in all parts of the assignment should be substantiated by excerpts from appropriate sources (scholarly research and/or literary texts). Quotes, paraphrase, and summary used in the assignment should be arranged according to APA rules of style, and in-text and reference citations should be provided, also formatted in APA style. Quoted material should not exceed 25% of the post. Submit the final document in the Discussion Area.

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