Screening Log

A screening log should include:

Your Emotional Response after the first viewing

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Screening Log
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Purpose/aim/meaning of film as you see it immediately after the viewing (To complete this portion, you should answer this question: If Gothic Fiction is meant to educate and to inspire fear, which does Blacula do? How does Blacula do it, and why might director William Crain have constructed his film in this way?)ACME WRITERS

Cultural Commentary – The Masculine Africa Narrative

Explain how the movie embraces, rejects, or modifies the Masculine Africa Narrative with direct evidence from the movie.

Evidence from the movie includes direct quotes AND scene references. Be sure to review the “Week 4 – Overview (Start Here)” for examples of how you should cite direct quotes and specific scenes from the movie.

Recommendations and Ratings In this section of the log, you answer the following questions: (1) Would you recommend this text? If so, for whom? And why? If not, why not? (2) How would you rate this movie on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being poor and 10 being excellent)? Why? Be sure to use direct evidence from the movie to support your rating.

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