Diverse Families

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Diverse Families
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Fall Semester

Discussion-Week 3

Diverse FamiliesACME WRITERS

To prepare: Select a diverse family system, such as a family with differences in sexual orientation, a family with differences in race or ethnicity, or a family with members who are managing a disability. Then, consider potential barriers they might encounter in society. Think about how a social worker might address one of these barriers on an individual, family, organizational, group, or community level. Conduct research on barriers and intervention approaches for working with this type of family. Support this post using peer-reviewed article(s), in addition to the assigned resources.


1. Please address each of the following bullets in paragraph form. Provide 10-12 sentences for this section. Graduate level writing. Please use the references to support these bullets.




· Provide a brief description of the diverse family system you selected.

· Explain potential barriers or a challenge this family might encounter that is related to diversity.

o Provide evidence from scholarly resources to support the existence of this barrier.

Explain how a social worker might address this barrier on an individual, family, organizational, group, or community level.

o Provide evidence from scholarly resources to support social work approach.



2. Give a response to at least two colleagues with an in-depth response that draws from the required readings or additional scholarly research. (I will provide this part from the colleagues) (Must be 4-6 sentences for each response)


The response:

· Provide feedback.

· Ask a question.

· Share an insight.

· Make a suggestion.

· Note a similarity or difference to your posting.


Please use references listed below and an y article that will be helpful for the assignment.

APA format only.


Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2018). Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.Chapter 9, “Understanding Families: Family Assessment” (pp. 349–381) Chapter 10, “Working with Families” (pp. 382–418)



Samudio, M. (n.d). Doing family Therapy as a new social worker: The Do’s and don’ts Retrieved March 17, 2018, from http://www.socialworker.com/feature-artcicles /practice/doing-family-therapy-as-a-new-social-worker-dos-and-donts/





Peer -Viewed article

Title: Life and the Single Parent: helping parents thrive in today’s world.

Publisher: Y W S Publishing

Country: US


Serial type: Magizine

Website: https://lifeandthesingparent.com/


Review about this article

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2014 fewer than half of the minor children in the United States lived in a two-parent home. Until the publication of Life and the Single Parent, there was no substantive commercial publication that addressed the particular needs of those homes. This excellent, new publication is published in Southern Florida, but beyond some community content, its focus is absolutely national in nature. Its content strives to address all family members, with columns such as “Teens Talk,” “Community,” “Healthy Living,” and “Parent Corner.” It has coloring pages and puzzles for the youngest, and interviews with teens. Some recent article titles include ACME WRITERS“Teach Your Children Well, Helping Kids Honor the Other Parent” and “Single Parenting With Chronic Illness.” Its content is thoughtful, generous, and very positive. Any public library that addresses the needs of families should be purchasing this title. (Kent, Caroline M.)

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