Reflective Professional Journal

Complete and submit the reflective Professional Journal you begin the first day of teaching until the end of this course.


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Reflective Professional Journal
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Professional Journal that reflects on your day to day activities and processes both in and out of the classroom. Including on-campus classroom discussions/seminars of teaching skills and strategies. Quality of journal writing in terms of reflection, feedback, in-depth of questions posed and grammar and wording. The list of topics (given above) must be included. The instructor would also like to see how the teacher approaches the diverse student population and what methods she/he utilizes to promote learning for each and every child.



you can also put i forgot to do week 5 discussion (it was due on 9-9-20)




Outline notes that may be used in your Professional Journal such as Professional Developments, Teacher Lead Meetings,

a. Why you choose teaching as your lifetime profession

b. What kind of measures would be needed to improve the learning motivation

c. Why you choose teaching as your lifetime profession

d. In your opinion, how children can best learn

;e. What kind of developmentally appropriate learning activities you have developed to facilitate student learning

;f. What instructional technology you have introduced into the classroom from which students have benefited from in terms of learning

;g. Explain why classroom management is an integral part of teaching and learning

;h. Discuss which methods other than tests and exams did you use for evaluating students and provide examples

i. Discuss the importance of communicating with parents and parental involvements and provide examples if necessary of effective communication practices

;j. Discuss why we should “teach children away from the classroom and the teacher”

k. What you have learned through daily interaction with your peers and veteran teachers

.l.What areas can you identify for which you need to develop a professional development plan?

m. In your opinion, how children can best learnZ

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